A Challenge to Work Out: Fitness During Lockdowns and Limits

August 1, 2020

STANWICH ROAD/REMOTE SUMMER- The pandemic makes everything tougher – but it can all work out.

Since the start of the coronavirus and the quarantining, exercise has been something that many focus on to counter inactivity and “stay-at-home” orders.  While people continue to expand and add to this initiative, there are also many who don’t. Without the facilities and resources people had before, it can become a major struggle to stay moving and active.

According to a short test conducted by Statista, a web-based data platform, as of April 2020,  27% of people in the U.S. are exercising less than usual. 

Since the closing of schools, gyms, and other related places, many have been forced to stay active from their homes.  Recent easing of restrictions have helped, but the need for creativity remains as times and budgets are tight.

“The most important aspect to staying active is to be consistent,” GCDS Strength and Conditioning Coach Will Turner said in an email interview.  “It doesn’t matter if your workout is 10 minutes or 90 minutes.”

Despite the current situation there are other possible ways for exercise and activeness to be a part of everyone’s day. Coach Turner sees that as a helpful outlook.

It should be a goal of every individual to raise their heart rate and to sweat every day, no matter which activity you choose to partake in.

Some believe that exercise is meant to make you struggle and feel completely exhausted after the fact. It’s actually quite the contrary. According to a recent VerywellFit story written by Malia Frey, empowering users with credible and up-to-date advice on all diet, weight loss, and exercise topics” matters but intense exercise is not always necessary to see progress. 

Getting in a little activity each day can help strengthen your heart and improve your circulation is vital. Something as simple as going out for a daily bike ride or walk around your neighborhood can help the body in numerous ways. GCDS student and rising junior Quinn Brahmst can attest to this. 

“I have found it very difficult to get up and exercise during quarantine,” he explained. “It seems way easier to stay inside and do nothing since you can’t go out and live your life.” 

However, he made it clear that staying active was something he made sure to incorporate into his daily routines. 

“I like to go for walks with my family. I like to make sure I do a certain amount of exercise every single day having used to doing it during school.”

Quinn concluded the interview with advice of his own for the GCDS community for those who missed going to school.

“My advice would be for people who miss sports and their teams to not stop playing those sports, make games and activities to practice by yourself in your free time.”


Devin Kwarula is a rising junior who enjoys the field of interior design and loves creating captivating artwork. This article was written for the summer Journalism Lab practicum.

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