Students Offer “Rising Tides” to Help with Mental Health [links to newsletters]


Rising Tides Team

NEWSLETTER/REMOTE/MAY, 2020 – Students will never forget the spring of 2020 when the world seemingly came to a halt.  Schools stopped.  Businesses closed.  Travel was banned.

Suddenly, we could no longer socialize in person with one another. Life in isolation became lonesome and uncertain for many. Naturally, this affected everyone in some way either emotionally or psychologically; physically or in ways we can’t even express.

Yet mental health can often be overlooked in order to prioritize one’s physical health. It’s important to note that during quarantine,the inability to interact with other people, especially peers, takes its toll on many students. Seeking help can be a difficult and frightening task. 

When our world was thrown off-kilter by COVID-19, our club, sponsored by Dr. DeTeso, immediately wanted to get involved in helping the GCDS community in any way possible. 

Thus came the Rising Tides Newsletter. Rising Tides is a student-led psychology group that aims to offer support, coping method strategies, and constructive help students dealing with stress, anxiety, and other emotional needs. 

In our first edition, we provide tools such as meditation apps, mindfulness practices led by Dr. DeTeso, therapeutic music, and books and podcasts on coping with anxiety.

We plan on continuing our club in the following school year with regular newsletters and middle school support groups.

Signed, Charlotte, Kate & Tessa

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RISING TIDES Newsletter (Edition 2)


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