Greenwich Country Day School COVID-19 Regulations

How has GCDS operated during the pandemic and what changes have been made?


Jackson Castelli, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 global pandemic has taken a massive toll on the world. Small businesses, theaters, and schools have been forced to either close or operate under new restrictions. Large social gatherings are no longer allowed and masks are now vital household items for people to bring everywhere. In other words, all aspects of life have changed in some way or another. Schools, in particular, have been hit hard by the virus. COVID-19 has forced teachers and administrators to rely on online software, such as zoom, to attempt to conduct virtual learning and continue to run schools. This year, like many other schools, Greenwich Country Day has been enforcing new health guidelines to continue operating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As a student at the school, I say from experience that everything has changed. 


Greenwich Country Day

As a new and still developing school still under construction, the upper school building does not have enough space to accommodate for social distancing with all students. As a result, Country Day has been hybrid throughout this year. Organized by grade, students are spending half of the week doing classes online, from home, and the other half in school. While in school, students have been socially distancing and wearing masks all day, except for when eating. 

Throughout the halls of GCDS there are new signs, arrows, and reminders of how the school must operate. One of the biggest new changes to the school is the directional staircases. Instead of being able to walk up and down stairs as you please, you must now only go up the staircase by the front and only go down the staircase on the side of the building. Additionally, stickers displaying how far people should be sitting from each other have been placed on benches along with signs enforcing social distancing and its purpose.

The biggest change to the Greenwich Country Day upper school has been the new lunch system. This year there are new plastic barriers separating the staff and students. Also, there are now specific paths to follow to enter the lunch room, where to get food, and where to exit. 

he chronicle interviewed the upper school’s head chef Anthony Rinaldi to get his thoughts on the new changes in the lunchroom. 


(Q): “How has the new system been working so far?”

(A): “The new system has been working well. I believe there’s always room for improvement but as long as everybody works together the system should work to the best of its abilities.”


(Q): “What are some challenges you are facing with the new changes?”

(A) “I do believe the biggest challenge is relying on people to lead by example. If one person walks around with her mask off and forget about it 10 minutes later if you can find three more people walking around without their mask on.”


(Q): “Do you feel safe?”

(A): “Yes, I feel safe and protected. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”


As shown by Anthony, the new regulations have been working and keeping everyone safe at Greenwich Country Day. Hopefully we can all continue to do our part and work together in order to keep GCDS operating.